3 feb 2012

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Sexiest Italian women: Valeria Golino

valeria golino hot sexy
Valeria Golino
I love Valeria Golino.
Valeria Golino is one of the sexiest Italian actresses, but her beauty, isn't a tipicall of most beautiful italian actresses.
Valeria radiates sensuality in everything she does, how it moves and how to talk, especially when she speaks.
Her husky voice seems to ask: "Why do not you love me?"
Valeria Golino, these days, after a while not seen in public scenes as pregnant, she returned to a video of Planet Funk who plays an old song by Nancy Sinatra "Boots are Made for Walking"

Born in Naples in 1966, Valeria Golino is one of the most popular Italian actresses in Hollywood, is now engaged to Italian actor Riccardo Scamarcio a sex symbol, in Italy, and their career seems to have taken on the international.
Below, a video with hot sexy photos of Valeria Golino, enjoy! ...

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