18 feb 2012

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site closed - italy

A site dedicated to the Vajont Dam, an industrial disaster, due to the severe shortages of technicians and Italian politicians, disaster when, in 1953, 1,917 people have died.
The investigating judge of Belluno closes Internet portal dedicated to the Vajont Dam.
Measure designed to unleash the controversy: The experts protested: "Never before was inhibited access to the web for alleged defamation."
This is the offending sentence: "And if the Mafia is a mountain of shit ... Paniz and Scilipoti, are mountain guides".
Paniz is an Italian politician, lawyer of the first mayor of one of the villages that were victims of the disaster.

As Mr. Scilipoti, another Italian politician.
It must be said, that if this practice will be consolidated, is able to seriously damage the rights of Italian citizens, who could see disappearing from the world of networking, whole newspapers, blogs, information portals, by virtue of one or more sentences deemed to be offensive the rights of an individual citizen, is the declaration of some experts, that We, of this site, we share. 

It would not be enough to remove the phrase? 
As usual, the Italian institutions do not keep up either with the technology, and the freedom?

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