10 feb 2012

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Snow in Italy: Lake Trasimeno on ice

snow in italy - lake on ice
Lake Trasimeno 
Ok,  snowed one again this morning, in Italy, and forecasts say there will be snow for this weekend.
We proved that in this winter period, in Italy the cold is very intense.
As a result, there are some beautiful pictures, taken by photographer Mr.Mortini, few days ago: Lake Trasimeno on ice.

Lake Trasimeno, is situated in Umbria, a region in central Italy - and is big lake, a tourist place, very popular in the summertime, there are excellent hotels, camping, low price - than the rest of Italy, is suitable to do swimming, fishing and good as a holiday resort from which to visit the rest of Italy, as the center of our country.

I remember very well, winter 1985, when the lake was frozen for a long time, when the temperatures did not go over the -10 degrees Celsius, for at least 2 weeks, but it certainly is a very rare event to see Lake Trasimeno on ice.

Again, this winter 2012, is proving a particularly cold winter in Italy, here are these beautiful images in HD:

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