17 feb 2012

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Tiziano Ferro L'ultima notte al mondo (new video)

tiziano ferro - gay
Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro is a brave man, and brave and famous men are rewarded by luck.

  • After declaring his homosexuality, two years ago, Tiziano Ferro, has increased its popularity in Italy, and is having a good success abroad, especially in South America.
  • Tiziano Ferro is a brave man, and has released this new video a week ago in Sanremo 2012, something unthinkable for other Italian singers, waiting to post videos, songs and albums, only several weeks before or after Sanremo.
  • Music by Tiziano Ferro, is much appreciated, his songs are very deep understandings and, entering into the soul, into the deep, like a famous song says, and for this reason, Tiziano Ferro, is one of the most popular Italian singers in our Country.
  • Bravo Tiziano now, we see the video of "L'ultima notte del mondo" (The last night in the world), a video registred in these days of snow.

L'ultima notte al mondo, the last video of Tiziano Ferro, sung in the Alpi, in North Italy.

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