15 feb 2012

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vatican - stop economic privileges
Stop the economic privileges of the Vatican and to other religious institutions.

After decades of heated debates on the subject, was the new Government of Prof. Monti, to give the halt.
The exemptions are no longer tolerable for several reasons:
The Italian public opinion, because they all make sacrifices thrills in equal measure to save the Country, popular discontent against the old privileges of which the Vatican has, - and it is clear that the Vatican's privileges are extended to all churches and religious in Italy, and Italy with churches and religious there are many, we think that the Vatican, in Italy only, the property of 400,000 properties.
The European Union is urging Italy not give state aid to religious institutions.
This warning came from Brussels since 2010, but the Vatican has too much power because the decision could be taken lightly.
The loss of revenue for the Italian State in all these years has been immense: the figures speak for about 1 Billion euros a year - more than 1 Billion U.S. dollars - less state revenue, for Italy.
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