14 mar 2012

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Alessandra Ferri: best ballet dancers, video tribute

Alessandra Ferri
Alessandra Ferri was one of the best Italian ballet dancers, called also "prima ballerina assoluta", or "étoile".
Was born in 1963, at age 19 is the first dancer of the Ballet Royal Albert, England. Perhaps this is why, in Italy it is well known, but it was not popular, as it deserved.
The dance technique of Alessandra Ferri, was better than many other Italian dancers, much more famous than she.
I do not think that Alessandra Ferri has never suffered from this,
do not have the time, his professional life has been a continuing international success, she danced in the most important theaters of the world, as a prima ballerina, even in private life and is happily married to a man, who has often worked with her, a famous Italian photographer Fabrizio Ferri.
Here are 2 videos: the first in which, with the choreography of her husband Fabrizio Ferri, dancing to the tune played by Sting, the second Alessandra dancing with best Italian ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle:

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