1 mar 2012

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Armando Trovajoli Italian Jazz

trovajoli - italian jazz
Armando Trovajoli
Knight of the Italian Republic, winner of the David di Donatello (the Italian Oscars for music), Armando Trovajoli, has been one of the most important Italian musicians, jazz musician, composer in the '50s, '60s and '70s.
As most of You know, jazz music, in Italy, has been banned throughout the Fascist period, until the arrival of the Allies in 1943.

Armando Trovajoli, was born in 1917, was a composer, conductor of the orchestra playing, good jazz violinist and pianist, when he was put to direct the RAI orchestra in the early '50s.

Conduct the orchestra Rai, meant to be the No.1 in Italy in those days, meant that to be the most prepared and respected musician in Italy.
And 'one of the great things about this Italian TV of the '50s and '60s, you had to be really good, trained, educated, a person' without blemish ', to work in Rai, without these credentials could even hope to have a artistic life in Rai, unlike today.

He wrote many soundtracks for movies, but also a lot of songs that became famous as 'Roma nun fa la stupida stasera' (Roma tonight, do not be stupid), wrote by Trovajoli for a music comedy.
Just look at one of the RAI television shows of those years, to see Armando Trovajoli, while directing his orchestra, here are some of the most famous songs he wrote as a composer:
Ps, the second video is the soundtrak of "L'Arcidiavolo", a song with a great bass line:

More Info: Official Trovajoli

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