17 mar 2012

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Best Italian singer ever: Antonella Ruggiero video

antonella ruggiero - best italian singer ever
Antonella Ruggiero
Who is the best Italian singer ever? Antonella Ruggiero or Mina?
Mina is definitely more popular,  as has become "Mina" in 1960, but Antonella Ruggiero is different, and arrived in the Italian music scene in 1975.
Antonella Ruggiero, born in 1952 in Genoa, he met, for the case of boys, who were part of a progressive rock band, it was already called Matia (crazy, in Genoese dialect), and together they founded the Matia Bazar Band.
Personally, I can seem a little parties but I loved so much Matia Bazar and the voice of their singer, Antonella Ruggiero, unlikely to be able to be objective.
Antonella Ruggiero, together with Matia Bazar Band were one of the most incredible Italian music Band.
Hight are becoming famous, thanks to some successes, thanks to their participation in Sanremo, but they have always done research and experimentation, the arias of the first Progressive Rock album, the folk music and catchy, up to incredible 'Electroshock ", an album of 1985 which introduced electronic music in Italy.
Antonella Ruggiero's voice, is very special, if you listen to this live medley of some successes of the late '70s, you'll find that Antonella does not sing in falsetto, but it is a natural soprano, who manages to express very high notes, comes to It's an incredible F#.
Often, in the 80's Matia Bazar - Antonella abandoned in 1989 - there was singing in playback, and many critics argued that the notes that Antonella sang, were made ​​with a synthesizer, but occasionally, surprised everyone with her incredible voice, singing live, like this medley:

Discography of Antonella Ruggiero - as solist:
  1. Libera (1996)
  2. Registrazioni moderne (1998)
  3. Sospesa (1999)
  4. Luna crescente (2001)
  5. Antonella Ruggiero (2003)
  6. Sacrarmonia Live (2004, also DVD)
  7. Big Band! (2005)
  8. L'abitudine della luce (2006)
  9. Stralunato Recital (2006, live)
  10. Souvenir d'Italie (2007)
  11. Genova, La Superba (2007)
  12. Pomodoro Genetico (2008, also DVD)
  13. Cjanta Vilotis (2009, also DVD)
  14. Contemporanea tango (2010, live)
  15. I regali di natale (2010)
  16. Il meglio di Antonella Ruggiero (2012)
Antonella Ruggiero on Wikipedia

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