19 mar 2012

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Corona Italian Disco 90s Video Discography

corona dance 90

CORONA is a music project of Italian dance music of the early '90s.

The beautiful dancer, that we saw in concert - in playback - it was not the real singer, was only the frontwoman of the Corona: Olga Maria De Souza, Brazilian, who could not sing, but it was very good at dancing, also had a great presence stage.

In fact, the vocalist of Corona was colored, but Italian, indeed, Sicilian: the talented Jenny B.
The Rhythm of the Night is the international success that consecrates the Corona  as one of the most famous dance groups of the early '90s.
In 1994 it became the best-selling single in Britain, and remains for 14 weeks in the Italian hits, including 15 wins gold and platinum.
The history of the Corona is all here,
as all the musical projects based essentially only on the image we are left with only the good memories of some songs ...

Corona Discography Singles:
  1. 1993 The Rhythm of the Night
  2. 1995 Baby Baby
  3. 1995 I Don't Wanna Be a Star
  4. 1995 Try Me Out
  5. 1996 Megamix
  6. 1997 The Power of Love
  7. 1998 Walking on Music
  8. 2000 Good Love
  9. 2006 Back in Time
Corona Album:
  1. 1994 The Rhythm of the Night
  2. 1998 Walking on Music
  3. 2001 And Me You

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