14 mar 2012

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Early music videos are born in Italy

early music videos
A few years ago, during a national Television News program of the Italian official, Rai, has been a report that indicated as Italians, the first music videos.
In Italy, before 1960, there was a particular jukebox, called Cinebox, that was used before the French Scopitone, and where you could see the first music videos, recorded specifically for this instrument.

The journalist and author of the eBook, which you can read free online, Michele Bovi, a respected and well known researcher of music.

Very interesting this news, I had completely forgotten, and I found just a few minutes ago on the internet.
The resources put at the bottom of the article, you will find, in addition to links with which you can read the book of Mr. Bovi, also the link of his site where he has published many reports on the history of Italian music.
Meanwhile, we'll see what Mr. Bovi indicates as the first modern music video, a video that is specifically registered with cinematic technique, to advertise a song, the song is "Ancora Tu" (You Again), by Lucio Battisti, fantastic, sin is of low quality, was taken from the television broadcast I was talking about earlier.

Sources: eBook - Michele Bovi Site

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