6 mar 2012

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Francesco Renga songs and success

francesco renga
Francesco renga
Here's the new video of Francesco Renga, the song "La Tua bellezza" (Your Beauty), the piece presented in Sanremo 2012.
This last song of Francesco Renga, is getting a good success, of public, and sales.

We had no doubts, Francesco Renga, is one of the most beautiful voices, among the Italian Singers of the moment, and, when he sings songs typically Sanremo, every time he released an album a song is always successful.

Too bad for the Italian rock, the voice of Renga now no longer sings rock songs, we hope that in future Renga, will return to sing something more engaging.

The song 'La Tua bellezza' (Your beauty), was written by Renga in collaboration with other artists, here's the video:

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