8 mar 2012

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italian killed on blitz - nigeria
Tragic conclusion of an operation by Nigerian security forces, along with British ones, have tried, to release 2 hostages kidnapped in Birkin Kebin, Nigeria.

The blitz of special forces, has gone bad, and the two hostages, an Italian: Franco Molinara (pictured right) and a British hostage, Christopher Mc Manus, died.
Unfortunately, even this episode reminds us that in 'Sub-Saharan Africa, the kidnapping of Westerners has become now a common practice, a way to make money, a practice often used by terrorist or separatist groups to farer money to buy weapons, or to promote themselves among the local populations, and make disciples.

Here, a discussion - in Italian - on the Situation of Kidnappings of Westerners in Sub-Saharan Africa, with Engl Ref.
Source: Ansa

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