29 mar 2012

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Italian Wedding Style Image inside

italian wedding style
Italian Wedding Style
Here is a typical Italian Wedding style, the groom's preparation, very nervous, a little refreshment at home, the church ceremony, the launch of rice, lunch with the guests, the dance, the cake ..
But that does it means a wedding in Italy?

The wedding day is still a dream day, for an Italian woman, and one of the worst nightmares for an Italian man...
The months of March, April and May, September, along with most of those who are exploited, to marry, in our Country: the climate is good, the temperature mild and usually all the ceremonies have happened.
Now the average age of the spouses is always higher, and after years of marriage seemed to be out of fashion, the trend is increasing, there are more weddings ...

Why, the Italian man is terrified by marriage
Why then, in Italian homes is the women who make leaders.
I'm saying that women are the boss of lifestyle, cuisine, clothing, and acquaintances in society, then, is the man to decide for the 'family business', and this is one of the oldest traditions Italian culture.
In these images that follow, we see a typical Italian wedding many lovely details, a middle class family, a happy bride and groom a worried, funny pictures, that make us better understand how is the marriage in Italy:


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