19 mar 2012

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Italo disco 70s: One for You one for me (La Bionda)

italo disco - origins
Italo disco 70s
This song together to '1, 2.3 Gimme some more ', declares the birth of Italo Disco, a term that means the world Italian disco music .
I remember very well these two pieces, was a hot summer, and I found myself in the first feast between just kids in a garage of a friend of mine, "1,2,3 gimme some more" was played throughout the afternoon, without interruption, and I loved it.

We are in the late '70s, around the world has come a new musical trend: the "disco" (Village People, Boney M, Donna Summer together Moroder etc..), Which fills the dance clubs and is young.
In Italy the first appear sporadic attempts to imitate the sound of this, the work of DJs and music producers, giving life to pieces "local" sung in English, with the same sound of the music that is currently making trend.
Among these, the La Bionda brothers, with "One for you, one for me", that in the summer of 1978 reached a considerable international success.
Here they are, below with two of the pieces that made them famous throughout the world: 1,2,3, gimme some more of "One for me and one for You".
Note that the sense of decency on television was seen in another way, as you can see from the first video of this little playlist:

Info on Italo Disco

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