23 mar 2012

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PAOLO VALLESI: Romantic songs - Italian and Spanish language

paolo vallesi - romantic songs
Paolo Vallesi
Paolo Vallesi is a songwriter, born in Florence in 1964, which has gained popularity in 1991, in Sanremo Music Festival, with the song "La gente inutile" (The useless people), but it is 1992, which, again in Sanremo has its greatest success , with the song "La forza della vita " 'The power of life' "La fuerza de la vida", which managed to sell over 500,000 copies.

After his first success,  Paolo Vallesi started writing his own songs, as well as in Italian language, also in Spanish language, and many of his songs are also translated into Portuguese and Dutch.

Vallesi began studying piano at the age of 9 years, composer, singer, co-author, was the guest of many Italian music Shows.
Now, his career seems somewhat limited to small concerts in Italy and write songs for other singers, but Paolo is also a music producer. Here are some videos with his ​​best songs, in Italian and Spanish:

Paolo Vallesi Official

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