3 mar 2012

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Pasta salad Italian summer recipe ( video)

pasta salad recipe
Pasta salad
Here is a true, simple recipe for Italian Pasta Salad.
The pasta salad, called also, cold pasta, is one of the easiest and best recipes of Italian cuisine. It 'a dish, typical summer, eaten as a hot August day.

In Italy, has been invented since the families in the '60s, they started making trips to the sea, in fact Italian mothers prepared the night before the pasta salad, put in the fridge, and the next day they took her away, around noon, the children were hungry, that's a plate of cold pasta, seasoned well with: mozzarella, olives, sometimes you can add tuna, or even bits of mortadella, and easily digestible, was ready for the whole family.

Warning: I have watched many videos of pasta salad recipes, but I've found is one of the best, in many cases, it is said of adding the salad: NO, not an exact thing, in true Italian Pasta Salad, no be added to salads, with the word 'salad', the Italian language also means a 'mix' of  tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables, in fact, pasta salad, vegetables should be added at will.
Tips: So to understand this better, we could call 'cold pasta with vegetables', I think, this is a correct translation, so as not to miss the Italian food lovers, who do not speak Italian..
The pasta and the salad should not be EVER in the same dish.
If an Italian restaurant, one day, you bring a dish that contains both the pasta salad, you may leave without pay, there is no such dish in Italy.
I've seen cooking a thing in Germany, by Germans, when the day after they ate the real Italian pasta, no longer have committed such a horrible mistake in the Italian cuisine


  • Tomatoes
  • Mozzarella
  • Olives
  • Basil
  • Everyone You love to eat in summer

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