1 mar 2012

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PIERO UMILIANI Italian soundtracks '60s '70s

best italian soundtraks - piero umiliani
PIERO UMILIANI Italian soundtracks
PIERO UMILIANI is one of more important Italian composer of soundtracks, for movie and Tv show of 70s.
Piero Umiliani borns in Florence, on 1926, and starts to work in Cinecittà on 1958 and write the soundtracks of "I soliti ignoti" with the trumpet of Chet Baker.

It was the first soundtack of 150, composed by Piero Umiliani in his Jazz style.
The soundtracks of Piero Umiliani, wrote for the Italian Cinema of '60's and '70's have been taken also for music shows, Italian and worlwide, one of most famous is is 'Mahna Mahna', of Muppet Show, but in Italy, the soundtraks of Umiliani for Tb Shows, about sport or music, has had the history of Italian Pop Culture.
Piero Umiliani worked with best Italian movie directors, but his name is not famous as Ennio Morricone, When I wrote this post, I found many videos (below) with soundtraks very famous in Italy, but I didn't remind the name of Piero Umiliati..

Video on the playlist above:

  1. Muppets - Mahna Mahna
  2. Piero Umiliani - Discomusic 1978
  3. Mah nà mah nà - Piero Umiliani
  4. Dribbling - Piero Umiliani
  5. PIERO UMILIANI-"Pussycat '69" (1969)
  6. PIERO UMILIANI-"Fantasia" (1969)
  7. Piero Umiliani & Chet Baker - "Audace colpo dei Soliti Ignoti" (colonna sonora)
  8. Piero Umiliani - Le Ore Che Contano - 1973
  9. PIERO UMILIANI-"Caravan" (1974)
  10. PIERO UMILIANI-"Chaser" (1974)
  11. Piero Umiliani "5 bambole" 1970

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