25 mar 2012

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black pope - secrets mysteries
The Black Pope
These days, Pope Benedict XVI is visiting South America, after 17 years from the visit of Pope John Paul II.
South America was a land of conquest, of God's Marines, the special troops of the Vatican, which have over time built churches, schools and spread the Christianity in the New World.
The chef of the Jesuits is also called the Black Pope, one of the most influential men of the whole Christians.
The power of the Jesuits, first of all comes from their great culture: after years of studying philosophy and theology, are ready to use powers such as the possibility of confession and give absolution of sins, including who is a heretic.
This fact, together with the fact that the Jesuits have always opened schools all over the world, where they taught, as well as the fact that they are the confessors of Kings and monarchs from around the world, has made ​​it possible for this to become clergy very influential in all societies where operated.
Around 1700, their influence was so great that France, and then other states, drove them out, until order was restored years later.
The influence of the Jesuits in the Vatican is really great, this is the reason why the Chef of the Jesuits is called The Black Pope.
Vatican arrested a Monsignor

Legends, secrets and mysteries:
There is not much of a mystery in the great power of the Jesuits who were in the Vatican, the so-called God's Marines are not called so because they do some real wars, but they make great theological and political wars, to be able to convincing, with the word, people to convert to the Christianity.
Their culture and their open-mindedness is so great, their arguments so well treated that remains entranced, amazed by their intellectual ability.
The secret weapon of the Jesuits, is their incredible culture, their reasoning skills, reasoning deduction, things that have always made a lot of fear on Governments, States, Kingdoms, Religion Protestants, Atheists, and Freemasons worldwide.
The Jesuits have always been the greatest secret weapon of the Vatican, they are God's Marines:

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