7 mar 2012

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Radio waves, in pasta form, to improve the Wi-Fi - from an Italian scientist - News

Radio waves
In a study published in the "New Journal of Physics", Italian researchers from the University of Padova, led by prof. Fabrizio Tamburini, have demonstrated the possibility of getting more channels on a single radio frequency.

This discovery could be revolutionary, in countries like Italy, where the radio channel used for radio and television, have a very high cost for companies.

In fact, this discovery made by Professor Fabrizio Tamburini, and so called transmission waves 'fusillo', like the 'fusillo', the famous type of Italian pasta, to describe the new three-dimensional transmission of radio waves, may have very important repercussions in all the world, opening new prospects, as now, the number of radio channels, television broadcasts and wi-fi, which may propagate is practically endless - below, the video of the experiment -.
"It is possible to use two beams of incoherent radio waves, transmitted on the same frequency but encoded in two different orbital angular momentum states, to simultaneously transmit two independent radio channels."

Bravo, Fabrizio Tamburini, bravo.


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