4 mar 2012

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sicily - volcano eruption
Etna in eruption
The Mount Etna, (Sicily) one of the most active volcanoes in the world, has reinitiated erupting lava and lapilli.

They were 25 days, that Etna 'asleep', has now demonstrated its awesome power, as the video below recorded this morning.
This additional activity is finished after a few hours
See you at the next eruption!
.The regular eruptions of the mountain, sometimes tragic, have made it a subject of great interest in classical mythology and folk beliefs that have tried to explain the behavior of the volcano through the various gods and giants of Greek and Roman legends.
About the god Aeolus, the king of the winds, was said to have imprisoned the winds in the caverns of Mount Etna. According to the poet Aeschylus, the giant Typhon was confined nell'Etna and was cause for rashes. Another giant, Enceladus, rebelled against the gods, he was defeated by Athena and buried under a huge mound of earth which the goddess picked up from the coasts of the continent. Enceladus succumbed, flattened and became the island of Sicily. It is said that his body is lying beneath the island with his head and his mouth under the Etna spews fire every cry of the giant. Enceladus buried under Mount Etna also speaks Virgil. On Hephaestus or Vulcan, god of fire and metallurgy and blacksmith of the gods, was said to have had his forge under Etna and had tamed the fire demon Adranos and led him out of the mountain, while you were holding the Cyclops workshop which resulted in the forging thunderbolts from Zeus used as weapons. It was assumed that the "world of the dead" greek, Tartarus, was located beneath Mount Etna.

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