5 mar 2012

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The song of Dalla are the mos sold after his death

lucio dalla has dead
Lucio Dalla
Yesterday, in Bologna, have been made Dalla Lucio's funeral, and thousands of people attended.

A few days, after the death of Lucio Dalla, the Italian music market has been revolutionized, and the songs of Lucio are the most downloaded from iTunes: 8 albums to top 12, and 10 songs to top 20.

Lucio Dalla - here his monograph and Video of all his Most Important Achievements - was one of the most popular Italian musicians.
The first song that has made him famous is called "March 4, 1943", presented at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1971, which is also the date of his birth.
The music of Lucio Dalla has reached its best, with the song 'Caruso', dedicated to the great Italian tenor, the first singer in the world to sell 1,000,000 copies, what he did, the discs (78 rpm) - in early 1900 - a phenomenon the world trade.
Clarinetist, jazz musician, was a comedian and a transformer, a humble person and very special, the famous story that says that, in the 70s, ran for his city, Bologna, with a pig on a leash ...
Here, below, some of Dalla most famous songs:

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