4 apr 2012

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A war in Your Country? Buy Italian weapons!

italian weapons - best of
Italian weapons

Are You a Dictator?

Are You an extremist political Leader? Even if you are part of a simple Democratic Government, and there are insurgents who want to take away your power that you have so hardly won?
No problem: you can take advantage of the Italian weapons...
Italy is the one of largest exporter in the world of weapons and one of best for light arms, We have all types and all prices, but it is in the heavy armament, as missiles, ships, tanks, spy satellites, weapons systems, MBT, armored jeeps, attack helicopters, training aircraft for fighter pilots, we have the Our Top production ...

We are very able at making weapons, in fact, have increased by 300% in ten years, Our export of weapons.
I know: this is not fair, is not politically correct and is not ethical, but Italy is in economic crisis, there is no work and families do not have money to spend, so things are two: either come by us for your vacation, or buy  Our ​​weapons, and if You have a revolution at home, certainly can not think of the holidays or how to make a good plate of spaghetti ...
To You, the choice.
As a result, the Best Italian weapons, (15 video on that playlist):

  • Italian weapons, above:
  1. Vulcano: Oto Melara & Italian Navy Projectile precision 
  2. Italian Army Main Battle Tank - C1 Ariete
  3. 76SR-Your solutions to any Naval Problems
  4. Otomelara Puma
  5. Agusta Westland
  7. WASS
  8. Selex SI- Homeland Security Systems
  9. LOAM
  10. L'essenza della Marina Militare Italiana
  11. Oto Melara Marlin WS
  12. Oto Melara Dart Strales
  13. C-27J Spartan Video
  14. T-129 // Agusta Westland'ın Hazırladığı Video \\
  15. Presentazione nuovo veicolo blindato 8X8 Freccia

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