10 apr 2012

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Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor and other things

albinoni - adagio g minor
Adagio in G minor
Adagio in G minor by Tomaso Albinoni, is one of the most famous pieces of classical music in the world.
Expresses grace, sweetness, lightness, sadness and melancholy.
Tomaso Albinoni was born in Venice in 1671, to a wealthy merchant family, and began studying violin, and likes to define himself as a student of violin ....
In fact, Albinoni was considered a good violinist, as well as a good singer, also we knos him as a good composer.
He did not want patrons to have never, during his career, a time in fact, there were music producers, but there were nobles or the Church or who paid for musical works.
So we can call Albinoni, a true independent musician, you never even enrolled at the Musicians' Union, so he could never perform in public, he always lived in Venice, the birthplace of Baroque music, and Antonio Vivaldi.

His music also inspired Bach, the sad news is that many of the works of Albinoni were destroyed during the IInd WW, during the bombardment of the German city of Dresden by the Allies ....

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Some Pics, made by me, a day in Tuscany, some Italian Cactus & Albinoni, I hope Yuo Like this...