4 apr 2012

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Bang Bang: original, Italian and French version

The song Bang Bang (My Baby Shoot me Down)
bang bang italian versions
Bang Bang Equipe 84
was released for the first time by Cher, on '66, but they were made ​​different covers, both in Italian, and French, but also in English.

In Italy the most famous version, and that was a big success was The Equipe '84 Band, but he also made a Mina and a Dalida, a French singer very popular in Italy during the 60s, girlfriend of Luigi Tenco, the singer who committed suicide during Sanremo '67.
Other versions were in English: Nancy Sinatra and Cliff Richard, but there was also a French singer who sang it in his language: Sheila.
In the 60s, doing covers of other singers were very frequent, that's why these songs remain in our memory and that is why I now consider masterpièces?

Perhaps, it could to be the case, in fact there were others version: Turkish, Chinese, Romanian...
Below is a video with all versions, very interesting, good fun:
English: Cher (original version).
Franch: Sheila.
Italian: Mina.
Italian: Equipe 84.
English: Cliff Richard.
English: Nancy Sinatra.
Italian: Dalida.

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