15 apr 2012

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FIORI ROSA FIORI DI PESCO (BATTISTI) lyrics translation video

lucio battisti
Fiori Rosa Fiori di Pesco (Rose Flowers, Peach Flowers), is another masterpiece by Lucio Battisti of early 70's.
It looks like I'm exaggerating, always writing of Battisti, a musician who died, some years ago?

Not really, actually the songs of Lucio Battisti, besides having a great sales success, audiences, critics, when they were published, with time, seem to have acquired valuable,
and every time we hear a song of Battisti we ask:
But what is beautiful, perfect, simple, engaging, compelling, how are trendy this fucking song?
Battisti, more Battisti; are perhaps the Italian musician who most influenced the Italian song in 900 ...

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