2 apr 2014

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Italian language for kids - funny videos

italian language for kids
Kids playing learn
The Italian language is not easy to learn, especially the biggest problem is the pronunciation, we prefer the method of music, as the Italian songs explained in English.
Learning a foreign language when you're a kid, it's easier to learn a language when you are adults.
When it is children, it is much easier to learn.
Teach a child a language, also means providing it in the brain the correct pronunciation, he will remain for a lifetime.

Of course if a kid can learn the Italian language, also You can do it.

Here, below, a series of funny videos, but also very educational videos which You can learn the simplest terms, such as numbers, colors, how to say goodbye , and humand body, all in Italian language...
An easy method to understand how words are pronounced in Italian, which will be useful for when you go to the nearest Italian restaurant, or for Your next Italian vacation, enjoin:

Numbers - Counting in Italian:

The Human body in Italian:

Colors in Italian:

How to say Goodbye in Italian:

Thanks to: Tosolini Family: http://italyfromtheinside.com/

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