20 apr 2012

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Italian Sacred Music : Gregorian chants video

gregorian chants
Gregorian Chants
Personally I do not like listening to Gregorian Chants, but I must say that listening to a true Gregorian chant, in a medieval Italian Gothic cathedral, is something really exciting.
Voices 'monodoniche' - the monody in music is a composition for solo voice with a single melodic line, and may be accompanied by an instrument .

The Gregorian chants are typically Italian, and were written around the XVIIst century, religious, and they took the name by Pope Gregory Ist who made it an institution, the only songs that could accompany the religious ceremonies.

Christian music with videos and lyrics:

There were, in very recent years have revived Band that Gregorian chants with a modern style, even in song entering rhythmic elements that made ​​them love to many, even to me, to ui do not like. One of the Italian schools, the study of Gregorian chant, the more active, is located in Milan near the Duomo of Milan (in the photo),   which is itself one of the finest examples of medieval Sacred Architecture in Italy.

MISSA DE ANGELIS, Schola Gregoriana Mediolanensis:

Gregorian Chant by Enigma:

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