20 apr 2012

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New Trolls: Italian progressive Rock - live

New Trolls: Italian progressive Rock band
New Trolls
The New Trolls is an Italian progressive Rock band of 70s.
Among their works, there are some masterpièces, as the famous "Concerto Grosso by New Trolls", a mix of classical music and rock.

In the late 70's, the production of the band, has returned to publishing with a more pop-rock style, while maintaining the characteristics of the progressive as the elaborate arrangements,
the technical virtuosity of the performances, and the polyphonic singing very structured.

In Italy, New Trolls are much more popular for their songs of love, in a pop-rock than for their progressive production, one of the most popular songs is "Quella carezza della sera"
We, in the video playlist below, we will try to include both popular songs, that the finest pieces of Italian progessive rock of this group:

Concerto Grosso, New Trolls, Live in Venice:

Quella carezza della sera, by New Trools:

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