5 apr 2012

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The best Choreographers in the world: Bigonzetti

best choreographers in the world
Choreography of Bigonzetti
Mauro Bigonzetti is considered one of the best choreographers in the world of modern ballet.
Born in Rome on 1960, trained at the ballet school of the Rome Opera.

Modern ballet, in Italy, art is not very popular, and perhaps also why Bigonzetti now lives and works in New York, Bigonzetti fact is known only in the Italian ballet, and is not a 'personality' , as he deserves.
Bigonzetti, even though he lives in New York, continues to work with a company of Italian ballet: AterBalletto.
Ballare fino a Morire nel Medioevo - Alessandra Ferri - Roberto Bolle 
I inserted the following two videos: one in which Bigonzetti tells his professional experience, and one where we can see a modern ballet choreographed by Bigonzetti, truly remarkable:

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