8 apr 2012

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The mistery of Monks' Abbey Documentary

the mistery of monks abbey
Monks Abbey
Built in 1004 AD, the Exarchic Greek Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata - Basilian Monks, is located near Rome, and is a monastery of monks.
The structure is very beautiful, but there has always been a mystery: the caves that are under the Abbey.

In fact, you should treat the places where the bones were made ​​of dead monks, but many legends
over the centuries have spoken of so many mysteries,
such as books and secret codes that the monks transcribed from other cultures, and other mysteries, such as Leonardo's drawings, it is said that this monastery rests on a Roman villa, the first century before Christs, a Roman villa damn ....
Then, we go to real, whole, this beautiful documentary in Italian, with subtitles in English, we will find out what there is, in this Abbey of monks ...

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