28 mag 2012

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Accardo plays Paganini videos

accardo plays paganini
The Italian violinist Salvatore Accardo

You will be hypnotized by these videos:, where Salvatore Accardo, one of the greatest Italian violinists playing Paganini, few minutes, but these are a fantastic interpretations.

Accardo began playing the violin at age 4, with the help of her sister and cousin, he was 8 years old, when he started to study it in school,
16 years old is one of the few people who can effectively perform in public, in one night, all the 24 'Caprices' of Paganini , in a truly fantastic way, as You can see in these videos below.

My opinion is that: Accardo has been the Greatest intepreneur of Paganini, and, saying this, I'm simply saying that when Salvatore Accardo was in his highest form, just when he recorded these videos, he was the best violinist in the world.
Accardo is born in 1941 in Turin.

  • Salvatore Accardo plays Paganini 'Cadenza'  in g minor

  •   Salvatore Accardo plays Paganini: Nel cor piu non mi sento(1972)

  •   Salvatore Accardo plays Paganini: Sonata Il Moto Perpetuo

Salvatore Accardo, Awards an Horons:

  1. He won the 1955 International Competition in Vercelli
  2. 1956 Geneva International Competition
  3. He won the 1957 Academy Chigiana
  4. Academic Correspondent is elected by the Academy of Arts of Design in Florence in the Class of Humanities and Sciences. 
  5. 1958 Spring Trophy RAI
  6. 1958 International Competition "Niccolo Paganini" in Genoa.
  7. Abbiati Prize 1985 by the National music critics (with the reason: "For the dramatic increase of its stylistic interpretations")
  8. Award 2001 A Life for Music in Venice
  9. 2005 gets honorary citizenship by the City of Tower of Greek
  10. (2008) Gets the honorary citizenship by the city of Genoa, fifty years after his winning the Paganini Competition

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