16 mag 2012

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Bocelli 'La Boheme' - Full Opera video

andrea bocelli sings la boheme
La Boheme is an opera written by Giacomo Puccini here all his best lyrics opera, and was staged for the first time, to return to the Royal Theatre in 1896, below, you can look at a representation of 1998 in Cagliari - Sardinia - Andrea Bocelli - Bocelli's other successes here.

A curiosity: when at the beginning of his career, Bocelli released his first interviews, I remember very well saying that he loved so much opera, and that his biggest dream was to one day sing opera,
but this dream Bocelli considered it virtually impossible, because, being totally blind, he would have great difficulty in moving the stage in a theater. But sometimes even the wildest dreams can come true, if We, pursue them with all Our passion ....

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