28 mag 2012

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conte corruption
The coach of Juventus Antonio Conte investigated, arrested 2 players, is the latest scandal in Italian football.
Few minutes ago, that the Italian tax police ( Guardia di Finanza) went to search the place where the Italian national team, has come together to do the training for UEFA Euro 2012.
Among those arrested, Stefano Mauri, captain of the SSS Lazio and Omar Milanetto, already 'player of Genoa, currently at Padua football.
For the umpteenth time, another scandal in Italian football. It is not the first time, nor, unfortunately, will be the last, the Italian football is like Italian politics, is an expression of our people, unfortunately, is one of the worst expressions of patronage and corruption that is in Italy, now is out of control, and everyone tries to 'steal' and make money, no matter what.
And the demonstration of the profound crisis that has fallen on Our Country, not just an economic crisis - in Italy soccer players earn a lot, tens of thousands of dollars a month - but now the crisis of values​​, values ​​such as honesty compared, it seems no longer exist.

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