31 mag 2012

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italian music for earthquake
Italian music
For ten days, an Earthquake is hitting Northern Italy, just a few kilometers where Giuseppe Verdi ( here all his Operas)  was born, one of the most influential Italian composers of the XIX century.

We, at 'Canzoni Italiane - Italian Songs', so we want to help by raising awareness among the Italian population, to help Our brothers, who were affected by this tragedy.
"Dies Irae" - in Latin, the Wrath of God, is a shift work 'Requiem', the great composer Emiliano, Verdi wrote for the death of Manzoni, the writer who dedicated his life to the Italian language, and of which we, all Italians, we are debtors, because it could lead to a single language, understandable to all, very beautiful and poetic, like all the world recognizes us.

Verdi is the author of music, most popular in Emilia, and it seems the most suitable music, and don't forget to make a donation of 2 euro with an SMS, below are the numbers - valid in Italy - is an initiative of all Italian telephone companies, the bottom of the video there is a sign with simple instructions.

DONATE: here, The Official Page of Italian Civile Defense for Earthquake 2012 in Emilia Romagna, only in Italian language, sorry, but there is the IBAN for Donations, if You want...

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  1. Very unfair fate of Italy ... this earthquake, but I think ITLALIA recovers every time! God bless ITALY.

  2. ¡WoW! ¡Bravo!

    ¡¡A esto me refería, Virgo Laetitiae!!


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