26 mag 2012

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RING A RING O'ROSES Italian Version - Video

ring a ring o'roses
Giro Giro Tondo
This nursey rithm  is very famous in Italy, I can say that for decades, in every kindergarten, are taught, children, and I can say with certainty that this is the first Italian kids song, which every Italian child learns first.
In Italian, Ring a Ring o'Roses, is translated as 'Round and round' ( Giro Giro Tondo), and then it all falls together, on the ground.
It 's amazing that a chant, born in England in 1600 - perhaps - to exorcise the plague, is now sung by Italian children, to learn about them, being together, playing, and get excited together.
An early form of globalization?
Just kidding, of course ...
Here, below, the two versions, one Italian, and English, popular in all English-speaking Countries, the song and the text:


Giro giro tondo, gira il mondo,
gira la terra, tutti giù per terra!

Giro giro tondo, il mare è fondo,
tonda è la terra, tutti giù per terra!

Giro giro tondo, l'angelo è biondo,
biondo è il grano, tutti ci sediamo!

Giro giro tondo, ora ti circondo
come una ciambella, tutti giù per terra!

Giro giro tondo, casca il mondo,
casca la terra, tutti giù per terra!

Ring a Ring o'Roses:

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