19 mag 2012

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The richest man in Italy: Ferrero (video)

Nutella by Ferrero

With the 19Mld $, Michele Ferrero and Family is the richest man in Italy, and 23 ° richest man in the world, according to the Forbes rankings.

Ferrero has made ​​his fortune by massive investiments in advertising, his company, in fact invested, until recently, 40% of its turnover on advertising.
Michele Ferrero is a great businessman, who has managed, through His idea of ​​launching, on 1964, the brand Nutella and Kinder Surprise, as well as to rely on advertising to make a food company, a regional character, to turn it over time in one of the largest Italian industries, and make it one of the most important industries in the world dociarie.
Ferrero has only 61,000 workers, but the quality standards of Nutella, and other products, are very high, and were landmarks of companies as Nestlé.
ferrero richest italian man
Michele Ferrero
The most famous of Ferrero products are: Mon Chéri chocolates, Ferrero Rocher and Pocket Coffee, the drink Estathé and Tic Tacs mints, in addition to the famous Nutella.
Currently Ferrero is amongst the largest investors in advertising and sponsorships of sporting events, and is one of the first sponsors of Ferrari.

In May 2009, the Reputation Institute, after having carried out a survey in 32 Countries, interviewing more than 60,000 people, said Ferrero is the most reliable brand with the best reputations in the world, according to the consumer, followed by the Swedish company IKEA , the U.S. Johnson & Johnson .

Nutella settles lawsuit over deceptive advertising, You see here, seems to be false because it claims that 'Nutella is healthy'.
This advertisement, as many advertising for foods is stupid, no food is 'healthy' contain all of the things that can hurt us, we can gain weight sugar, the plant may contain germs, meat, better not talk about it, Medicines have dozens of contra ...
This lawsuit seems stupid, as this ad, here: this is my opinion.
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