15 mag 2012

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La Traviata full Opera lyrics translated video

la traviata opera
La traviata
La Traviata is the most popular operas of Giuseppe Verdi (here his best lyrical operas).
The work is written in 3 acts, taken from a novel by Alexandre Dumas' Lady of the Camellias.
La Traviata is one of those operas on which the modern Italian song founds its origins, in fact, the opera was real popular song of 1800, which succeeded, much earlier and much better to unify the culture of the various Italian regions, much better than the school and the teaching of Italian language.

The Opera 'La Traviata' did much to talk about themselves when it came out in 1953 and later years, especially in England, where Queen Elizabeth, would not go to the theater during the performance, and in New York, where it was presented in December 1856, was considered immoral: Violetta is indeed a prostitute, that sometimes even apparently repented of his life, as in the air 'Sempre libera', and this helps us understand just how different the common sense of modesty, Latin than Anglo-Saxon, and certainly not now; remember that in those years in America, there was an ongoing genocide against the Native Americans, which was almost brought to an end, and that slavery was still present ...

It was also thanks to Verdi that Italy is a nation, Verdi, in fact, as we have already said, was an Italian patriot, member of Italian Freemasonry, the occult power that could wrest power from the Vatican, the Austrians and the Bourbons and put in hands of the King of Piedmont, Vittorio Emanuele, [King of Italy] Italy inside, after the revolutionary movements, after secret agreements with England, which at the time was one of the nations most affected to the unification of Our Country, whether for political or economic, but insofar as it would facilitate the acquisition of sulfur from Sicily, the production of sulfur produced in Sicily, it was the largest in the world, and the sulfur was essential to the industry of late 1800, as now the oil.

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Here, 'Libiamo' (Let us drink) translated into English, and the full Opera 'La Traviata':

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