7 mag 2012

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usa prepare alien invasion
It seems that the U.S. Government, is preparing for a possible Alien invasion, as you can see in the video below.
In my opinion, some time ago, the Aliens have even seen a tv show, when Condoleezza Rice was the United States Secretary of State, and one of their leaders said: "This is the woman of my life".
And 'for this reason that the Aliens want to invade Us:
They want to rape Our women, particularly Condoleezza, but do not know that in Her place there is  Hillary the Brave, who will lead with honor and without fear U.S. troops, to deliverance from the foreigner.
condoleeza rice
I think these Aliens has big problems, for getting 10 million light years of traveling to have sex with Condoleezza, buuuu ...

Seriously: I think the American Government Is Trying to Scare their citizens, to keep Them calm during the crisis: that of the Aliens is an old trick, too old because someone does not realize that 2012 could be the end of our societies, but if we really want things to change.
Today in Italy a new political party of young people achieved 15-20% in the local elections, that is what they fear the governments around the world, certainly not fantastic aliens...

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