18 giu 2012

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Best Guitarists plays Paganini Videos

Many musicians, when they can play Paganini, - understand that they have become good musicians.
The Caprices by Paganini, written to be played on the violin, are among the most difficult pieces of classical music, difficult to study and play, because the speed of execution of this genius of the violin, lived during the last year of 1700, was considered a sort of monster for his skill in playing the violin, was also called The Devil's Violinist, and at that time many legends arose about him, because certainly inspired a feeling of envy in the other violin players, but still, in the 60s, Italian popular culture, the figure of Paganini, was linked to the Devil ...
Best Guitarists plays Paganini Videos

Girl plays Paganini Accardo Plays Paganini
Who is Paganini Italian Musicians
Here are some of the best players of electric guitar, playing some Paganini Caprices:
Enjoin it!

  •  Alberto Carcano - Moto Perpetuo, by Paganini (TAPPING 8 fingers )

  • Steve Vai plays Caprice n. 5, Paganini:

  • Paganini, Caprice n.24 played by Chris Barker :

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