20 giu 2012

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EURO 2012: ITALIAN FUNNY VERSION - Video - Full Opening Cerimony Italia '90

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First of all, I wanted to share You this one, I think it's a very funny video, by an Italian football fan, a bit special, praising Italy, singing and dancing - in his own way - unfortunately making a translation of what he says is rather complicated, as he is wrong to speak Italian, but more or less says this: Italian: we try to stay together, enough with the differences between North and South, we are all equal!.

Obviously, this thing in Italy has sparked a lot of very funny comments like "Now I saw you, I want to change nationality" and many other comments...
While we're on the subject of football, I wanted to put a really cool video.
This is the full Opening Ceremony of the World Football Cup in Italy '90.
In this nice video, in addition to seeing Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato sing the official song of the great sporting event, you can see the whole ceremony, which was made in Milan, one of the best Italian film director Ermanno Olmi, you can also see Giorgio Moroder playing live with his band, the great musician had arrangied all music of this cerimony, the English version of "Notti Magiche", one of the most beautiful songs that have ever accompanied a World Football  Championship.
The ceremony, as you can see was made ​​at the stadium in Milan, where hundreds of beautiful fashion models, dressed in the colors of the 5 continents, paraded into the stadium, as a really Milano Moda event.

Opening Ceremony Italia '90, first part:

Second Part, Italy 1990, Opening Ceremony World Football Cup:

The funny video of Italian football fun, for EURO 2012:

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