7 giu 2012

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Nabucco choir (Verdi) Lyrics translation video

nabucco verdi translated
Nabucco choir
"Và Pensiero" is the anthem of the enslaved peoples, far from their homeland, is a song of longing and despair, memories of lost times and places, perhaps, forever.
Written in the Nabucco, an Opera published in 1842, when Italy was still divided, and when even the Italian revolution, could not liberate Italy from the foreigners, the Austrians, the Spaniards, the French , and the Vatican.
Giuseppe Verdi here his most important Operas, besides being the most important Italian musician XIXst century, was also a Freemason and an ardent Italian patriot, and he tried with his music to open the minds of Italians, and with this choir , he was able to 100%.
The choir of the Jewish slaves in Babylon, is a clear reference to what was happening in Italy at that time, and, although Verdi could not claim to be a 'terrorist - so, today, we call people who are fighting for a cause -.
The "Choir of Nabucco" was the subject of a petition, a few years ago, when many Italians wanted it to become the anthem of Italy. Here are two videos with subtitles and translation of the chorus from Nabucco, also called "Và pensiero" (Go thought).