5 lug 2012

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vatican italian diplomatica accident
For the first time the Italian police, is entered in the Vatican for a search It 'happened a few hours ago, the Vatican, for money, always money ....
The Italian tax police, had a 'search warrant', for each of tax evasion, in practice this is an issue of 800 million euros, a hospital that is within the Vatican, Immacolata Dermatological Institute (ides) and the San Carlo di Nancy.
Italian police, was carrying a search warrant, in order to shed light on this complicated story, but in reality, the two diplomats had not come to an agreement before hand, so they had to wait hours to get permission to perform these findings.

The Vatican State, is one of the smallest states in the world, and is actually a direct descendant of the Roman Empire, in practice, Italy has invaded the Vatican with Our troops, we could say ...
Very funny news, were it not that 800 million is a serious thing, and very little fun, here You can find an interesting inside which I published some time ago, about the role of Vatican banks in Italy and the Vatican in the world.

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