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Italian history: Sicilian mafia documentary

The difference between mafia and another criminal organization is the link with politics. The term mafia, Italian case law indicates a criminal organization that has links with politics.

Very often, elected politicians were real mafia, not just 'helpers'.
Ok, below an article I wrote some years ago, for my English friends:

  1. On 2007, in Palermo Italian Police arrested the Lo Piccolo Family, the new Boss of Palermo's mafia.
  2. The boss starts 'to speak' with the police and to confess.
  3. In few time, the most part of Palermo's mafia is end... but..

But the culture is very hard to change, and in few times others new criminals takes the place of old boss.
italy before unification
Italy before unification
  • Just to 20 years ago the Italian State starts with judge, Mr. Falcone the war against the mafia, but the mafia has very old origins...

Noone can says the truth origins of mafia.
Mafia is a 'code of honor', that comes from the past, for example We can saids from the old 'knight codes' of middle-ages, that tooks by Templares and Freemasons; these laws takes by criminals to makes their bad business.
The most important law is the 'loyality' to 'the Family' (we can called also tribù, or 'gang') and not to deceive Your 'friends' or 'relations'.

  • The Italian crimanals in the History were not very importants.

Of course in the middle-ages, were bad times for security in all Europe, and in Italy was the same thing; but Mafia, Camorra and 'ndrangheta were very little communities of criminals, that only in Sicily were helps from 'Gattopardi' ( a book, and the movie that explanes in the best way what happens in Sicily in that time) .
italian carabinieri
These Barons has also another title: Prince; the same title and the same grade of The King of The Kingdom of Two Sicilies.
That thing is very important to understand the deep reasons of particular society in Sicily were Mafia borns and develops.
These big important persons cannot could processed and in the Sicily's countries the 'laws of honors' were more importants of laws of the Kingdom.

  • In effect 'Cosa Nostra' was a kinds of police of that 'second state', these men were the personal police of 'Gattopardi'..

When in 1861 ITALY is unificated, and starts others problems.
A sort of Civil War starts in the South of Italy, called 'brigantaggio' : the new King, the King of Savoy and - now - King of Italy takes with him the 'Italian laws': new tax, obbligatory military service and takes the industries of south.
The economic crisis is very hard: a big part of population makes riots and called 'brigants'. Will be 4-5 - and in some parts also 10 years - of massacres, never declared in the 'official versions' that speaks only of 'brigants'.
italian mafia
Sicilian mafia
In these particulars contest criminal organizations becomes very bigs, many brigants becomes very criminals, and the organization of crime, in some case, as in Calabria was supported by population for many years, that sub-culture lives just to now and is the natural alimentary of 'criminal mentality' in some parts of my Country.
I remember very well, when my teacher says to us: that 'brigants as a kind of criminals': he didn't knows all the trouth: the new Italy Kingdom made a big genocide; but in the same years the same things happens in the U.S. for Indians, in Australia for Indigenous Australians and in Turkey for Armenians, the Ist War War and, after, the big pestilence in Europe helps to forget all that bad things, but We want to remember that.

  • The 40% of population of South of Italy must to emigrate, with a big part of Veneto and Friuli's population, others two regions incorporated by 'Kingdom of Italy', (as You can see in the map in the top of the article) but before of Unification of Italy, of 1861, were under the Austrian Kingdom.

Italians goes to new continents: Australia, North and South America were funding many Italian communities, now becomes very big and importants and were keep with them the Italian Culture and the Italian traditions... as mafia.
mafia attempt
Mafia: attempt against Falcone, 1 Ton of TNT
The Neapolitan language and culture was soppressed as the others kinds of regional identities.
Only after the 1946, when my Country becomes the Repubblic of Italy, We have, finally, another times Our Regions, with our Cultures and Our traditions that all the world ammires, and You cannot understand the Italian Culture if You don't knows the Italian Regional Cultures.
To knows more about the Truth Italian History go here: ( in English language) where You can also download for free a very interesting e-book about that interesting insight.
An Interesting documentary on Mafia in America:

Documentary on the true history of the american and sicilian mafia.

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