22 mar 2013

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Most beautiful Italian monuments: Rome Il Vittoriano

This great Italian monument, Altare della Patria, or Vittoriano, seems unknown by all of us Italians.

Italians especially those living outside Rome, in fact the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the first King of Italy, builded from 1885 to 1935,  does not appear on the usual tours of Rome, perhaps, because Rome is so full of many great works of art, and history, a visit that hit-and-run is impossible to visit all, but strangely, this monument, there is almost never done in the typical places to visit ..

Italian monuments: Il Vittoriano, Rome.
Italian monuments: Il Vittoriano, Rome.

The statues that surround the buildings symbolize the values ​​of the Italian people:

  • Thought,
  • Action,
  • The Sacrifice
  • The law,
  • The force,
  • The Concordia
Rome: "Il Vittoriano" or "Altare della Patria"

The Altar of the Unknown Soldier represents the sacrifice of 1 million Italians died to defend Our Nation, and that is why it has a guard of honor, and that is why it must be given great respect.

Above: this video is in Italian language, is a short document about the most important Italian monument, and what asys the Tv Presenter is resumed in the words I wrote, the video presents how is beautiful this monument, not very know by Italians, is very interesting to visit.

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  1. Bellissimo e imponente monumento!

    1. sì, spettacolare, e da vedere da vicino, assolutamente.


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