1 apr 2013

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DARPA Terminator military robots video

Sono molto affascinanti, i nuovi robot militari di DARPA, ma certo è che fanno pensare subito al film Terminator.
La parte fisica del robot sembra molto avanzata, ora credo che sarà la parte di apprendimento a dover essere ulteriormente sviluppata..
Questi robot dovrebbero aiutare l'uomo in operazioni di ricerca e salvataggio di persone in particolari situazioni.
Primi tra tutti, dovrebbero essere i vigili del fuoco ad averne un aiuto, quando un soggetto non si riesce a salvare dalle fiamme ecco che arriva il robot che può entrare in una casa in fiamme e salvarlo...

Quando ero un bambino credevo che intorno agli anni 2010 ci sarebbero stati dei robot che ci avrebbero aiutato nelle mansioni di casa, come pulire, cucinare, fare la spesa, a distanza di tanti anni questo non è accaduto, però l'uso dei dispositivi portatili e dei computer è diventato molto più popolare di quello che ci si aspettava 30 anni fa..

The new military robots of DARPA, are very attractive but it is certain that immediately suggests the film Terminator.
The physical part of the robot seems very advanced, I now believe that the learning will have to be further developed ..
These robots should help man in the search and rescue of people in particular situations.
DARPA Terminator military robots
Terminator T-1000
First of all, should be the fire department to have help when a person can not be saved from the flames here comes the robot that can walk into a burning house and save it ...
When I was a child I believed that around the year 2010 there would be robots that would help in the tasks of home, such as cleaning, cooking, shopping, after all these years, this has not happened, however, the use of portable devices and computers has become much more popular than we expected 30 years ago ..

List of active Projects on DARPA

  1. ACTUV - A project to build an unmanned Anti-submarine warfare vessel.
  2. Adaptive Vehicle Make - Revolutionary approaches to the design, verification, and manufacturing of complex defense systems and vehicles.
  3. ArcLight (missile) - Ship based weapon system that is capable of striking targets nearly anywhere on the globe. It is based on the Standard Missile 3.
  4. Battlefield Illusion
  5. BigDog/Legged Squad Support System - legged robots.
  6. Boeing X-37
  7. Integrated Sensor is Structure
  8. Boomerang (mobile shooter detection system) - an acoustic Gunshot Location Detection System developed by BBN Technologies for detecting snipers on military combat vehicles.
  9. CALO or "Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes" - software
  10. Combat Zones That See - "track everything that moves" in a city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras
  11. DARPA XG - technology for Dynamic Spectrum Access for assured military communications
  12. EATR An autonomous tactical robotic system
  13. FALCON
  14. High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System
  15. High Productivity Computing Systems
  16. Human Universal Load Carrier battery-powered human exoskeleton
  17. MAHEM Molten penetrating munition
  18. MEMS Exchange MEMS  Implementation Environment
  19. MeshWorm, an earthworm-like robot.
  20. Mind's Eye - A visual intelligence system capable of detecting and analysing activity from video feeds.
  21. Persistent Close Air Support
  22. Phoenix - A Satelite project with the aim to recycle retired satelite parts into new on-orbit assets. Launches in 2016.
  23. Protein Design Processes
  24. Proto 2 - a thought-controlled prosthetic arm
  25. Remote-controlled insects
  26. DARPA Silent Talk - A planned program attempting to identify EEG patterns for words and transmit these for covert communications.
  27. Satellite Remote Listening System - a satellite mounted system that can eavesdrop on a targeted area on the surface of the planet in coordination with satellite cameras. This project is in its infant stage.
  28. SyNAPSE - Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics
  29. System F6 - Fractionated Spacecraft demonstrator
  30. XOS - powered military exoskeleton
  31. Transformer - flying armoured car
  32. UAVForge
  33. VTOL X-Plane
  34. Vulture
  35. WolfPack
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  1. non è un T-1000 quello che hai messo in foto: mi sembra un T-600 (di quelli a guardia nei lager per umani)... oppure un T-800 o un T-850 (stessa struttura, solo migliorie al chip neuronico e ai programmi ausiliari)

    1. azz, dovrò documentarmi meglio, allora, grazie Christian


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