13 apr 2013

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The Creation of Adam Atheist cospiration by Michelangelo?

Below: an interesting reinterpretation of the Creation of Adam, the famous fresco by Michelangelo, which is part of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.
Below you will also find some of the reactions to this painting reinterpreted, very interesting ...

  • Michelangelo Buonarroti was well known for his controversial 'autopsies' and study of human anatomy from the inside. He COULD have been using his insider knowledge (no pun intended) to subtly suggest that God is no more than a construct of the human mind.... then again he might have been suggesting that God wells within us all, and in a higher state of grace, we might reach out and touch our own inherit divinity.

The Creation of Adam Atheist
The Creation of Adam Atheist

  •  I think the message is god only exist in your head, or god is the mind
  • God is within: YOU!!
  • Some just SEE more than others
  • I interpret it he was trying to say that God dwells within us all. He is the constructor of the human brain. He blessed us with the knowledge of good and evil and the intelligence to know the difference.
  •  I wish i could link to it right now but if anyone is interested if you look at the famous Egyptian "Eye of Horus" it is remarkably similar to a cross section of the Pineal gland.
  •  I think that it means god is simply in our minds and we don't realize it. renaissance painters were masters at deceiving the passive viewer. god is a figment of our imaginations.
And what's You reaction?

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