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Lollipop songs Italian female band

The Lollipop is an Italian girl group.
Active since 2001 composed by Marta Falcone, Marcella Ovani, Veronica Rubino, Roberta Ruiu and Dominique Fidanza. 
In 2013, the group reset of the musical activity as a quartet, due to the absence of Dominique Fidanza.
This was the first girl group formed entirely Italian media so, thanks to the television program Popstars, produced and broadcast from Italia 1.

  • The name or the group was chosen directly by the public, and it was a girl of Rieti to win the contest, giving its name "Lollipop".
  • The first single, titled Down Down Down, was presented at the end of the transmission, with the line up already formed: the song was entirely in English and it was written by Sabrina Pistone, an author emerging under the WEA / Warner Music Italy, and was published March 30, 2001, the song sold 42,000 copies, reaching the top of the ranking of individual Italian and being certified gold.
  • In 2004, it was announced the dissolution of the group, but at the beginning of June, 2014, was presented with a new song: Ciao (reload), entirely in English, with their style dance pop ..
Lollipop Italian girl group
Lollipop Italian girl group
Who are Lollipop:
  • Marta Falcone (Bollate il 7 ottobre 1976)
  • Marcella Ovani (Pesaro, 19 maggio 1982)
  • Veronica Rubino (Caserta, 26 gennaio 1981)
  • Roberta Ruiu (Roma, 25 maggio 1981)
Ex member:
  • Dominique Fidanza (Bruxelles, 7 agosto 1979)

  • Ciao reload

  • Lollipop Down down down (2001)

Lollipop songs ( discography):

  1. 2001 - Popstars
  2. 2004 - Together
  1. 2001 - Down Down Down
  2. 2001 - Don't Leave Me Now
  3. 2001 - When the Rain
  4. 2002 - Batte forte
  5. 2003 - Credi a me
  6. 2004 - Dreaming of Love
  7. 2004 - You (solo digitale)
  8. 2013 - Ciao (Reload)

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