18 giu 2013

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Tiziano Ferro and Alessandra Amoroso together for a new Album

alessandra amoroso amore puro
Alessandra Amoroso
Update: the new album will called "Amore Puro".
After 11 platinum albums, the second win for 'Amici' and after almost a year of intense work in the studio, is coming in September, the highly anticipated new disc of the young pop star Italian, Alessandra Amoroso, who will see a special collaboration: the artistic production of the album is in fact signed by one of the greatest Italian singers, Tiziano Ferro, so that tells this unusual collaboration:
"Working in the studio with Alessandra is proving to be an extremely intense and stimulating. I'm learning about a girl who grows day by day as a singer and as a woman. For me, accustomed to produce the debut album, it means to play the game for the first time and compared with the project of an artist already very popular and much loved. This album will witness a beautiful path.
Beautiful for her and for me. "

alessandra amoroso tiziano ferro
Alessandra Amoroso & Tiziano Ferro
This is the comment of Alessandra:
"Just one word: amazing. Working with Tiziano Ferro I discovered new nuances of my character and of my voice, gradients did not know. I tried to commit myself to the maximum in this work, giving all of myself, tears, joy and torment of my life that I was able to vent through music.
I hope this gets to my audience because their word for me is crucial!
Tiziano is an important person who thank him forever! "
The new album of Alessandra will be released in Septemper 2013

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