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Arisa songs bio Italian singer

Arisa songs bio Italian singer
ARISA is the acronym of the members of her family, understands that it has changed name as the real one and Rosalba Pippa - the name means a bad word in Italian language...-

Borns in Genoa in '82 growing up in a small town near Potenza - Basilicata - won a scholarship to the academy of songwriters of Mogol, - in Umbria - and from here, after winning another selection for Sanremo.
Arisa wins Sanremo on 2009 with the song 'Sincerità'.

2009 is the year of Arisa: the success of Sanremo "Sincerità" (Sincerity) is 'pushed' from the Italian radio and sales charts to see it first in Italy with the album 'Sincerità'.
Arisa's songs are very 'easy' for the melody and on the texts, speaks about love and humors, but I think that girl will make more of 'commercial music' in her future.
Arisa will partecipate in Sanremo 2010 with the song "Ma l'amore no" (But love doesn't), and in Sanremo 2012 with "La notte"
In recente years Arisa has been actress and Tv show-woman on Italian X Factor.
Arisa sings for Warnermusic and official videos are not available...

Belove, Sincerità, song winner of Sanremo 2009 on category 'new proposal'

Arisa songs ( album)

  1. 2009 - Sincerità
    arisa a sanremo
    Arisa Sanremo 2014
  2. 2010 - Malamorenò
  3. 2011 - Arisa per Natale
  4. 2012 - Amami
  5. 2012 - Amami Tour
  6. 2014 - Controvento (Song winner of Sanremo 2014) 

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