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Franco Califano canzoni songs bio

franco califano canzoni
Franco Califano
Franco Califano was born in the skies of Tunisi, in an aereoplane, for a pure casuality.
He died March 30, 2013, at age 75, called er Califfo, one of the most popular Italian singers, not only for his songs.
Franco Califano was a true guru, a sage of popular culture, a certain way of making macho, and typically Roman, a prankster, but also a great poet.
An author who has written some of the most beautiful Italian songs as Minuetto, A little time, and others.
Personally I preferred as an author and as a singer (his voice hoarse, I was never convinced), but as a 'character' was too nice, a bit forgotten in time was due to imitations of Fiorello early 2000, a new musical life .

Faced with an astonished Fabio Fazio to "Che tempo che fa" who asked what was the song he wanted to be the author, Maestro Ennio Morricone replied "Minuetto by Franco Califano" saying that from a technical standpoint it was just perfect.
FRANCO CALIFANO, called "er Califfo", or "master", by friends, is also a musician 'by chance'...
My father hated him; he said. 'he doesn't know the music but he has success'... That is truth, but 'er Califfo' is an author, a poet, a writer of song, before of others things.
In fact the most famous Califano' songs, are sung by others peoples, as Mia Martini (Minuetto) , Ornella Vanoni, Mina, ( only thses three are the best italian pop singer ever )and in the last time for Tiromancino.
His songs speaks about his life: women, booze, stoned, freedom and others kinds of his stylife; he was an actor, playboy, cocaine-droped ( arrested in '70 and '83 fo these things), he also a 'really roman catholic that loved Pope Woytila', as he saids..
But Franco Califano is also that, one of latest 'really man that saids only the truth', in Italian show business; if he was borns in Usa, we could call him a 'Cowboy', yes, that's right!
For me, Califano is only a real poet, and a nonconformist man..
In the video playlist below, I add his most important success and, after the same success sung by most famous singers.

  •   Franco Califano songs (discography):
  1. 'N bastardo venuto dar sud (1972)
  2. Ma che piagni a ffa' (1973)
  3. L'evidenza dell'autunno (1973)
  4. Io me 'mbriaco (1975)
  5. Secondo me, l'amore... (1975)
  6. 24-7-75 dalla Bussola, live at La Bussola in Viareggio (1975)
  7. Tutto il resto è noia (1976)
  8. Tac...! (1977)
  9. Bastardo l'autunno e l'amore (1977, collection)
  10. Ti perdo (1979)
  11. Tuo Califano (1980)
  12. La mia libertà (1981)
  13. Ritratto di Franco Califano (1981, collection )
  14. Buio e Luna piena (1982)
  15. In concerto dal Blue Moon di Ogliastro Marina (1982, live)
  16. Io per amarti (1983)
  17. Super Califfo (1983, collection )
  18. Impronte digitali (1984)
  19. Ma cambierà (1985)
  20. Il bello della vita (1987)
  21. Io (1988)
  22. Coppia dove vai (1989)
  23. Califano (1990)
  24. Se il teatro è pieno (1991)
  25. In concerto dal Blue Moon di Ogliastro Marina 2 (1992, live)
  26. Ma io vivo (1994)
  27. Giovani uomini (1995)
  28. Tu nell'intimità (1999)
  29. Stasera canto io (2001, live)
  30. Vive chi vive (2001, EP )
  31. Luci della notte (2003)
  32. Non escludo il ritorno (2005, collection)

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